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04 January 2011 @ 02:43 pm

Welcome To The First Edition of the Sports Nutrition Resource Guide.  Below are various links that we've found informative and highly interesting in regards to all things sports nutrition.   Please enjoy and feel free to input any comments you may have.ISSUE #1: JAN 2011
Guys Pay Attention: Does Creatine Make You Bigger In ALL Areas?

This hormone is a metabolite of testosterone that is one factor in penis length and overall height. In fact it was found that afro-american men have more of this hormone than caucasian men, even though their testosterone levels are the same...READ MORE

Novedex XT – Review and Side Effects

There is no doubt that Novedex XT boosts testosterone, and is very effective at changing the estrogen to testosterone ratio with very minor side effects. Unfortunately studies have shown that changing this ratio does not increase muscle mass...READ MORE


The Top Muscle Builders Supplements On The Market

If you want the top Muscle Builders Supplements, you need to consider the basics of whether your diet and training are in order. You can’t grow unless you have a proper diet and exercise plan in place. I suggest downloading a free workout plan like the one here to help get...READ MORE

LG Sciences Un-Leashes HOT new Product - REZOLUTION

Dieting sucks! The worst part about a diet is the miserable cravings and bad mood that you get when you go without food. These bad moods may be caused by the denial of DOPAMINE in...READ MORE


 alt=Muscle Building Herbs: Do They Really Work?

Tribulus Aquaticus is an herbal extract sold as a muscle builder and a replacement for anabolic steroids. Users do report some benefits to the herb, but overall there is little to no data supporting it's use as a sports supplement meant to boost or act like testosterone...READ MORE


3Beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-One - Nature's Miracle Androgen

3beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-One is a androgenic hormone that is sold in the United States and in some other countries for anti-aging and overall fitness. This androgenic hormone is being used by people from 21 to their 90's as a way to increase the natural...READ MORE

20 December 2010 @ 12:01 pm
M-Drol is the generic name for the anabolic steroid Superdrol, which is a synthetic illegal substance that will show up on numerous drug tests and also could have the potential to do major bodily harm to people who don’t use it properly. Superdrol is characterized by the nomenclature 2a,17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol which also appears on the M-Drol label. M-Drol is a straight copy of the original Superdrol product from anabolic xtreme.

Superdrol (also M-Drol) might sound like an easy way to gain fast muscle, but it is low quality muscle weight that you will lose. Many guys experience the effect of gaining 20lbs of muscle..Read More at androcycle.com
29 November 2010 @ 03:20 pm
Hey guys,

Just wanted to spark up some discussion on the infamous 1,4 AD.   Did you now it's illegal now?
Here take a look at my article about it.

23 November 2010 @ 02:29 pm
Hey College Losers!   Nice name!   Just wanted to show you my latest article.   Let me know what you think

Best Muscle Builders Supplements

 Before you pick a muscle builders supplements you want to have your diet and exercise plan ready to go. Without a proper diet and exercise plan you won't be able to grow, so make sure you follow a good one.  There are many free workout plans like this one available on the internet:   FREE WORKOUT PLAN

When you choose a good diet and workout plan, then you can move on to proper muscle builders supplements for gaining mass.  There are many muscle builders supplements available on the market and you can get lost with what to choose. This should serve as a guideline for what kind of muscle builders supplements to choose.


 The most commonly used supplement that beginners start with is Creatine.  Creatine is one of the best muscle builders on the market because it can help a bodybuilder in three separate ways.  Creatine is one of the safest muscle builders supplements out there and has been studied since 1994 for safety.  Creatine builds mass by adding in an immediate water gaining or "volumization" effect to muscle. Also, creatine recharges ATP, which gives you more energy to perform. Finally, Creatine can block key enzymes that tear down muscle which will ultimately help you carry more mass.

 Amino Acids

 Amino Acids are the second part of our muscle builders supplements.  Amino Acids are not the same as straight protein from meat or even protein shakes.  Actually, a recent study has shown that ingesting and amino acid supplement before your workout will help you gain 33% more muscle each time you exercise.  The amino acid Leucine is the most important anabolic amino acid.  You need this amino acid in almost every supplement you take.  Our favorite stack that has creatine, leucine and other amino acids is found here and will give you all of the basic building blocks for muscle growth:   THE PERFECT STACK

 This stack is amazing because it gives you protein, creatine and amino acids for growth and is the best stack for the beginner who wants to put on tons of muscle while staying away from anything hormonal.

 The Next Step

 If you want to take your workout to the next level, you need to look at something stronger like an herbal testosterone booster or natural herbal androgen.  These two ingredients optimize the hormones of the natural athlete by increasing testosterone levels. 

 Testosterone boosting is going to help you increase aggression and muscle mass when in the gym.  You can boost testosterone naturally, using herbs and other supplements that boost your testosterone naturally.  Unlike steroids, these don't screw up your normal production of testosterone, they actually signal your body to make more testosterone.  The most popular testosterone booster on the market can be found here:   THE BEST TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER 

 If you want to go a step further, you can use natural herbal androgens. These ingredients are going to act like testosterone in your body and give you the natural boost in mass and strength that comes from steroid use, without being on anything that is a steroid.  You can be confident that these are not going to cause you to piss hot on a drug test. You can use these to give yourself a natural gain of 6-8lbs in a month.  A great natural steroid replacement and muscle builders supplements can be found here:   THE BEST STEROID REPLACEMENT 

 Steroids...legal and illegal

 Steroids are the holy grail of all sports supplements. They are still available on the internet, in gyms and in many countries they are not considered illegal.  Anabolic steroids are able to put on 10-12lbs of mass in one single month and can certainly be the best muscle builders for people wanting to get big.  People should be over 21 before they take any kind of steroids because these muscle builders supplements are not natural.  Also they can cause you to fail a drug test if you are an athlete or tested professional.

 Most steroids are illegal in the US, but there is one still legal steroid that you can take, which will help you boost your testosterone levels and give you massive gains in the gym.  This steroid is available without a prescription and can be a huge benefit for the experienced athlete looking for the best muscle builders supplements on the market.

 You can find these legal steroids HERE:

 Now that you have the basic muscle builders supplements, you can choose which one is right for you and start to put together your own program for putting on tons of mass.  Remember all muscle builders supplements are subject to proper diet and exercise and nothing will replace hard work, so you need both to succeed...

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The Best Creatine On The Supplement Market:  LG Sciences Anadraulic State GT

1 MP Review

Muscle Pharm Assault Review

The Perfect Workout Stack: Trifecta Stack

Branched Chain Amino Acids: Are They Really Needed?

Supplement Review: Formadrol Extreme XL

The Natural Alternative To Steroids

Supplement Review:  Endothil CR Review

Supplement Review:  VPX Anarchy

Supplement Review:  Methyl Masterdrol
04 August 2007 @ 01:56 pm

Yesterday was a bad day for me as to eating well or dong nething. Well it was ok, but I am a little dissapointed in myself

What I ate: Double cookie crisp cereal, bananas and strawberries, egg plant parmasean (about like 3 servings lol), a slice of bread and put  nutella on it, chicken salad again (about 3/4 of it though) , a few pringles chips.
Water: about 6 cups
Non Water Drinks: 2 or 3 glasses of white cranberry juice, 2 glasses of apply juice
Excercise: none
Progress: I think I demoted myself, but I think ill be able to do more today. I had company yesterday

I am otherwise excited. I purchased my laptop for college this morning. My mom will be pissed off at me when she finds out, but oh well.

Current Mood: soresore
02 August 2007 @ 09:35 pm
I will be starting college this year and I would like to get healthy again. During Christmas break  I had to work long hours so I would drink a bunch of sodas to keep me peppy when I use to only drink water. I then started to get the really fatty foods and while my body did fine with it for awhile...it did not last and I shot up. I continued this diet and worked even more hours this summer. I also have a horrible night schedule because I use to work 2nd shift and thenI would stay up until 4,5,6. I knew it was time to lose weight when I would lie in bed and it was hard for me to breathe and my heart was pounding.

CW: 150
HW: 150
LW: 118
GW: 125

I plan doing this using good ol' fashion healthy diet and exercise. I like 125 because I felt good at it and it let me have a few desserts now and again.

Today I have ate:

Food Eaten: Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp (Not the best lol), PB&J with some wheat Thins, Chicken salad with low fat dressing (4g), a Bowl of strawberries with 3/4 tbsp of nutella and right now blueberries (infact i found this community as I was eating them and got bored and typed blueberries as an interest) 
Water: 5 glasses I think
Exercise: power walked 2 miles for 30 and jump on the trampoline(sp)
Progess: None really, first day

Current Mood: anxiousanxious
20 December 2006 @ 08:21 pm
hi everybody!!! i'm jessica ♥

my main goal is to lose this weight that i put on in the past year, and fit back into my old clothes.

HW 175
LW 125
CW 160
GW 130 (short term goal)

I don't know how long it will take to drop this weight, but for once in my life I would like to do it the healthy way.
16 August 2006 @ 10:31 am
  1. you must be an active LJ member - empty journals or members with few posts will be removed from our friends list.
  2. interaction is a must - this is an interactive community.  Members are urged to post daily about their diets, weight, exercise, and life.  If you do not post for three weeks you will be removed from this community, unless you notify a moderator of your absense prior to your lack of posting.
  3. honesty please - you can be open with us and not lie about things you have not been able to accomplish.
  4. challenges - there will be weekly challeges that members will be expected to participate in.  The challenges will not be extremely hard to complete.

When you join, make your first post and introduce yourself.  The following is the recommended post setup; it is just a suggestion of how to introduce yourself here, filling in your own statistics, of course.  HW means Highest Weight.  LW means Lowest Weight.  CW means Current Weight.  GW means Goal Weight.

Hello everyone, my name is Cereal.
My main goal I hope to accomplish from joining here is to be able to run through a field of pansies without losing my breath.
HW: 195 lb
LW: 136 lb
CW: 173 lb
GW: 120 lb
I hope to reach my goal weight in 9 weeks.  At the moment, I am doing 13 push-ups every day, and I make sure I eat at least 1 fruit a day.
Thanks for your support and any suggestions you can give me here!

After you've introduced yourself, you can start posting your progress daily.  The following is a recommended daily post; just make sure to be honest.

Foods consumed: 3 hershey candy bars (full size), 6 egg whites, 1 apricot, and 1 steak
Water: 2 bottles (20 oz each)
Non-water drinks: 2 cans Diet Pepsi (10 oz), 1 can Rockstar Energy (22 oz)
Exercise: 2 cruches, 4 minutes walking, 8 minutes of yoga
Progress: I have lost a total of 3 pounds.
Challenge: I have not completed this week's challenge yet.  I'm going to try to get to it tomorrow.
Notes: Even though I've lost weight, I am still not eating properly.  Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should try to start eating right?  Any comments would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

Be safe and be healthy!  Good luck everyone!

14 August 2006 @ 07:01 pm
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If you are interested, please read the rules on the info page and join on in!