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be happy and healthy on campus

College Losers
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about this community
Welcome! college_losers is an interactive community aimed at college students who are trying to lose weight and become healthy and active. This community is moderated by alpacaxsammy and fadetheglitter, who wanted to create a place where college students could share their weight loss struggles, secrets, and successes. It is easy to forget about health while at college, but you don't have to gain those extra 15 pounds! This is a positive, advice based community and hate will not be tolerated. college_losers is a friends only community so please read the rules/info below and join us if you please :)

* please note * - No one at college_losers is a doctor and we do not have the credibility to give you medical advice. You should always consult a doctor before starting a new diet. We are simply here to share what works and what doesn't. Moderators can not be held accountable for all that is said here. Be safe, be healthy!

rules to join
~ you must be an active LJ member - empty journals or members with few posts will be removed from our friends list.
~ interaction is a must - this is an interactive community. Members are urged to post daily about their diets, weight, exercise, and life. If you do not post for three weeks you will be removed from this community, unless you notify a moderator of your absense prior to your lack of posting.
~ honesty please - you can be open with us and not lie about things you have not been able to accomplish.
~ challenges - there will be weekly challeges that members will be expected to participate in. The challenges will not be extremely hard to complete.

When you join, make your first post and introduce yourself. The following is the recommended post setup; it is just a suggestion of how to introduce yourself here, filling in your own statistics, of course. HW means Highest Weight. LW means Lowest Weight. CW means Current Weight. GW means Goal Weight.
Hello everyone, my name is Cereal.
My main goal I hope to accomplish from joining here is to be able to run through a field of pansies without losing my breath.
HW: 195 lb
LW: 136 lb
CW: 173 lb
GW: 120 lb
I hope to reach my goal weight in 9 weeks. At the moment, I am doing 13 push-ups every day, and I make sure I eat at least 1 fruit a day.
Thanks for your support and any suggestions you can give me here!
After you've introduced yourself, you can start posting your progress daily. The following is a recommended daily post; just make sure to be honest.
Foods consumed: 3 hershey candy bars (full size), 6 egg whites, 1 apricot, and 1 steak
Water: 2 bottles (20 oz each)
Non-water drinks: 2 cans Diet Pepsi (10 oz), 1 can Rockstar Energy (22 oz)
Exercise: 2 cruches, 4 minutes walking, 8 minutes of yoga
Progress: I have lost a total of 3 pounds.
Challenge: I have not completed this week's challenge yet. I'm going to try to get to it tomorrow.
Notes: Even though I've lost weight, I am still not eating properly. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should try to start eating right? Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Be safe and be healthy! Good luck everyone!